Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh Vinyl (That's New To Me): MMW's Combustication

Just picked up Medeski, Martin, and Wood's arguably most accesible and popular album to date on wax. It was an easy decision to make. Take MMW throw in DJ Logic and press it on vinyl, "Um, yes, thanks. Ring'er up freakish dipshit with the lip-ring and purple mohawk that hasn't been spiked up in weeks." I brought it home and my new Spanish roommate says, "Awwwww yes, you should burn something like this for me because I am needing fresh music." You got it girlfriend! I know some people complain that Medeski is obviously classically taught and not a true jazz cat or that they stick on the same thing for too long and it gets boring, or whatever, but when you see them in Nor Cal and they come out of a super extended spacey trip into the tastiest clav groove you ever heard you just don't care. I have to agree with the old shirt with the BMW logo...."The Ultimate Grooving Machine." The slow warmth of "Everyday People," the instant entertainment of "Sugarcraft," the ridiculous jazz story on "Whatever Happened to Gus..." this ain't bein' me favorite of their albums, but it is good.