Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wood Brothers: Stealin' @ the Mountain View Stage Pickathon 2012

The Wood Brothers perform a traditional tune called "Stealin'" at this year's Pickathon Festival at Pendarvis farm in Happy Valley, Oregon, just outside of Portland. The Wood Brothers are Oliver Wood, formerly of King Johnson, Chris Wood, bassist of the world renowned jazz/jam/experimental trio MMW (Medeski, Martin, and Wood), and percussionist Jano Rix. This tune features all three current members singing harmonies and Jano playing the "Shitar," which basically explains itself if you dig the video. From a percussionist's viewpoint Jano's creation is about as cool and creative as it gets. Hope ya likes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saturn Returns debut Record Campaign on Indie Go Go

Saturn Returns has just launched an indiegogo campaign to help print, distribute, and promote their debut album. The band wrote, rehearsed, recorded, mixed, and mastered the album all on their own, but knows that all records die if no one ever hears them. Different donation values bring different perks for the benefactor and the band is trying to raise $5500 for advertising, printing of new cds and vinyl copies of the record, and distribution of the record to proper marketing, selling, digital download servies, and radio outlets. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Newb Log is Back. Bring out your Pickathon!

The Newb Log is finally back in action with multiple new videos coming down the pike from Pickathon 2012, which just ended on Sunday. We start with a lovely acoustic tune by Montreal's The Barr Brothers. This tune was introduced as "One of our newest songs," and doesn't even scratch the surface of the variety of dynamic music the quartet produced during their two separate sets at the festival. They were the buzz of the morning on Saturday after a late-night performance on the Starlight Stage showcased their huge sonic capabilities as well as their classical precision. I have footage from all 6 main stage/barn/venues to come including an array of the acts and am happy to be sharing a small slice of the festival's most intimate moments with all my millions of readers. Hope you enjoy!