Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ashes is out and its Bad (Yes, as in Good)

Wilco released their new live DVD “Ashes of American Flags” yesterday and its available at their website for a mere $15. Why is this such a great price? On top of being a killer movie with great cinematography it also comes with some extras similar to Jeff’s solo DVD.

I just got through the new Wilco live DVD and I think it is definitely worth the mere $15 beans I threw on it. You can order it from their site for this price, but personally, I wanted to see it like RIGHT NOW so I went down the street to Music Trader in Pacific Beach, CA. The price tag said $17.98, which I was happy to pay because I thank my lucky bingo bic lighter every day that I go to Music Trader and it’s still open for chrissakes’. Anyhow, let’s not go down the dead record store street, a little bird told me Virgin’s going to start closing ‘em down, too, oh well, Amoeba!!! Rasputin!! O.k. backtracking, the price was right for me, but the dudes had a little “this is brand new” discount rocking, which brought it down to the $15 price and saved me the shipping costs.
Yeah, blah, so the DVD is cool and it comes with the same feature that was on the Jeff Tweedy Sunken Treasure release where you can put it in your computadora and download all of the tracks as audio. Wilco always does this!!! Why doesn’t everyone?? Of Course, I want it in my car, too. All of their records have come with downloadable extras! Thanks boys, I really appreciate and I know everyone else does, too. Buy it, go see ‘em, their riding a big ‘ol high and there’s a new album ready to go and soon to be released. Word.

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