Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No More Traps????!!!!!!!

This entry is in response to the recent letter I received in the mail, which stated that “Traps; The Art of Drumming,” was going to shut down production due to the current economic climate. I opened the envelope prepared to get out the old credit card and pay my bill, only to find...

No more traps??? Please say it isn’t so. Man, I knew that the economy was hurting (believe me, tommy boy is hurting bad right about now and trying to move to the west coast New York ain’t helping), but Traps? Damn. What do I have to look forward to now when I open the mail. Percussive Notes and Traps are the only things in my box that aren’t bills or bad news. The issues that they were able to put out in their short life-span are so fantastic and I will always cherish them, but Traps simply must come back as soon as possible.
I will never forget when I first got my Max Roach issue. I was so happy to be young and educated enough to know that this was a special publication and that I was going to collect the entire catalogue as it came out. I subscribed and prepared to share a long and lovely career together with drummerworld.com, vicfirth.com, “Percussive Notes,” and “Traps.” I even wrote in to try and help them gain advertisers and Andy Doerscuhuk wrote me back personally to see if my letter could be used in its entirety in their presentation to drum companies. He asked for my picture to accompany it and he promised no one else would ever see it, but I secretly dreamed that they would publish a little thumbnail and excerpt or thank you. Not because I’m arrogant, but just because it would have been so cool to make the pages in any form.
I am really pleased that they are offering back issues to subscribers who have already paid ahead and think I will probably send away to replace my Jeff “Tain” Watts issue because it spent a little too much time on the back of the toilet... No, I’m not disgusting or disrespectful, but I do try to share and my roommate always keeps the john stocked with “Time” and “Downbeat.”
So it is a sad day indeed for drummers and musicians who have witnessed the fantastic features and sections like “Drummer Family Tree,” “Notes on Notes,” and “Dreamkit,” from this fantastic publication. Please come back soon!!

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