Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mogwai Coming to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Mogwai is bringing their powerful and hypnotizing brand of “Sludge-Rock,” to San Diego May 15th, L.A. May 16th, and finishing the weekend in lovely San Francisco on the 17th. If you haven’t seen these guys, then you need to. Different can definitely equal better.

I haven’t seen Mogwai since they played the Fillmore in 2006. What a great show. I hadn’t ever heard of them, but thought that the name was cool (Gremlins!) and trusted the dudes who recommended the show and were coming with. So.... who are they? They are a kickin’ band from Scotland that plays what my friend Aaron Ryan so eloquently referred to as “Sludge-Rock.” There is something extremely powerful about the super-slow build ups to the loudest and most hard rocking climaxes sixty beats-per-minute has ever heard. Its really hypnotizing. ‘Nuff said, y’all. San Diego, Los Angeles, and then San Francisco. Three fantastic cities, three nights. Bam. I’ve never been to the Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center in San Francisco, but it looks to be a real swank joint and its in the heart of downtown so yeh can’t beat it. Click on the name to peep the virtual tour. The Belly Up in San Diego is one of my favorite venues in the area and the Orpheum in Los Angeles is a marvelous old theatre that has been restored very nicely. So to thee I say, go! Enjoy! I know I will. I’ll be at the Orpheum for sure, so far, and possibly making the trip up to SF (for the sake of the blog of course). Late, New.

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