Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The NewbLog will begin with me talking about some recent musical developments I am involved in. For anyone who may stumble upon this and doesn’t know yet; Tom Newbold Percussion is moving to Los Angeles amidst the worst possible economic climate and with all odds stacked against the young performer, critic, and music educator. Not to worry, as long as the world has artists like Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Wilco, Tom Waits, Charles Lloyd, Pierre Boulez, etc., etc., etc., and the United States has people who care about the arts and respect art’s importance in the world, I will remain painfully optimistic and upbeat. As Jazz legends like Max Roach and Louis Bellson and rock legends like Mitch Mitchell find their way to the great gig in the sky and the youth turn to formats like the one chord rap loop it becomes more and more important for music aficionados and lovers to support real music and fantastic groups that exemplify musicianship, humbleness, and a respect for those that came before and ultimately showed us all the way whether we heard them directly or not. I am currently doing my best to see every show possible, read and contribute to websites, blogs, and music services giving their all to support the arts, and continue to teach aspiring musicians to listen and serve the song. Be on the look out for my upcoming shows with Stunt Double and the new album by The Orphans with myself and Eric Van Amerongen. Thanks.

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