Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Twitter me This......

Twitter? Hello? Why must you make me feel so old? I keep asking Obama if he can help a brother out and tell me how to use this thing. I think I may have hooked my Blog up to it at this point and this post is kind of just to check. You can follow me on there @lefshodrummer if you do that kind of thing. I'm following people like Rob Corddry, Questlove, Pitchfork, Mr. Obama himself, and San Francisco mayor and possibly soon to be Governor of California, Gavin Newsome. See ya 'round....


  1. Looks like Gavin won't be governor any time soon.

  2. I heard he dropped out, eh? Did you support him? Sean says he's all talk, but I do love to hear him speak. He seemed like a real piece of work when he came to the Ritz a few years back. That one Prop 8 commercial was so funny though..."Whether you like it or not!"