Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It Might get Loud Isn’t All that Loud, but its Good

It Might Get Loud is a look at three guitarists from three different eras and their different approaches to said instrument and rock and roll. In my opinion, what makes this movie great is the interaction between Page and White and the looks at each performer in their individual “home” settings.

It might have gotten louder with drums and bass, but this movie was great, nonetheless. Stop hating on the Edge you young punks. He has his insane influence over decades and his own style that has been copied and sold on ten billion records if you count your precious Kings of Leon and Coldplay. Jack White was the main reason I wanted to see this movie. Yes, of course Jimmy Page is a god among these two, but White is the character that I wanted to know more about. I’ve read countless articles and books on Led Zeppelin so I went into the picture basically hoping to learn a little more about Jack White and the Edge. I knew that U2 saw some dark happenings early on with the constant fighting in Ireland and thought there might be some information on or discussion of these events and...There was a small piece on the particular bombing that led up to the composition of Sunday Bloody Sunday, but really just from the standpoint of the Edge seeing this and writing his first song for the band, which was plenty cool. I can watch a U2 documentary for more info on how the turmoil affected the band or read up on it in countless other world news sources. Again, this baby was really supposed to be about guitar, so...
What made this a great movie for me was the different perspectives on guitar and music given by the three guitarists while separate from one another and the inside look at The White Stripes and Jack as a lover of the real blues. The grit and grunt and unpolished beauty of a dog-meat guitar and an out of tune voice being recorded through an old reel to reel in a wooden shed. The information on his childhood and how he came to the guitar was also quite informative and it made him seem like he came from an earlier generation than he does. Definitely a bit old school rock and gospel in this kid. I had a feeling that I was going to like him more after seeing this picture and I definitely do. As a matter of fact I think I’ll pick up Raconteurs record or two.

p.s. Worst version of “The Weight,” I’ve ever heard and I’ve hears some really bad ones. Vocally that is...Page’s solo is great.

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