Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Run Home Charlie Has Started Performing

Run Home Charlie played their debut show at Awakenings Coffee House and music Venue in Lomita, CA, on August 14th. The band headlined a show consisting of three different bands in three different styles ranging from Punk, to Pop, and Run Home Charlie’s vibe of 90’s Alternative music...

I joined up with Run Home Charlie about six weeks ago and have been learning the band’s material as well as helping to shape and trim some of it and starting to help build a new repetoire. The band consists of Christian Liebig on bass, Maxmillion Browne on Guitar, myself on drums, and Samantha Stinger on vocals. Friday’s show consisted of six tunes. Five songs that the two original members, Max and Christian, have played for several years, but which now have new words and melodies written by Sam as well as modified drum parts added by me. We also played one brand new track “Pure,” which Max brought into rehearsal and the band finished just a few weeks ago. Tomorrow, 8/18, Run Home Charlie is heading down to King’s Ransom Records in San Diego to record our first proper demo of two to three tracks in order to polish up the mypace and press materials as well as to start pushing the band to more venues. Christian has thus far worked as the booking agent for RHC and is already planning two confirmed dates as well as two or three additional bookings, which are in the process of confirmation and scheduling for the other members. More pictures from the show and information on the band will continue to appear at www.myspace.com/runhomecharliemusic and I will continue to post updates and shows both here at www.tomnewboldpercussion.com and at www.myspace.com/tomnewbold. Thanks, Tommy.

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