Thursday, November 12, 2009

Movie Review: Control (2007)

Control is a movie about the tormented life of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the band Joy Division. The film was released in 2007 and directed by Dutch director Anton Corbijn. Control saw some critical acclaim in Europe, winning a few awards at the Edinburgh Film Festival including; "Best actor," Sam Riley, and "Best new British film." It also received brilliant reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, Maxim, The Guardian, and Rogert Ebert. What's more important and a little surprising is that the surviving members of the band approved of the movie; claiming that it certainly wasn't one hundred percent factual, but that it was more so than 24 Hour Party People and that "you could tell that Anton knew us, and he knew us well..." (Peter Hook). Another cool fact about this movie learned from the IMDB page is that the actors learned to play the songs and all of the live footage of the band is actually the actors playing the tunes and not them faking to some tape. Not many music biopics can say that, my friends. The movie is black and white, which adds to the "authentic" feeling and it is shot beautifully, it is moving, and funny, and sad, and keeps you locked in for the entire two hours. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves music or film.

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