Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Run Home Charlie has 7 Confirmed Dates before the Holidays and more to come!!!

Run Home Chalie played the Terrace in Pasadena last night and the set was about as good as this young band gets. The next show at the Terrace is scheduled for Tuesday, November 17th and will include some new material with a high possibility of Mr. Tom Newbold's vocal debut with this group. One of our newest tracks is set to have call and response between Samantha and I and it is pretty much finished, but we are polishing it up and preparing to unveil it along with one other finished song in the mix. The two new tracks are posted on the myspace.... rough demo one and two, but the full vocal arrangements are soon to follow. Other upcoming shows include a date in Santa Monica and two at the famous Di Piazza restaurant in Long Beach in December. We will be adding more and each show is better than the last so please come check us out, you won't regret it, my friends.

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